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It is lessersound’s  vision and mission to provide products, information, advocacy and protection to impede, protect and educate against hearing loss for those who are H-A-R-P and H-I-P. That covers everybody.

We offer our research and first product “the color of sound™” smartphone app to you to educate and protect yourself, your children and friends from the hearing damage linked to unsafe and excessive sound environments. Preventative and educational measures can he achieved by recognizing and identifying unsafe or excessive sound locations by the use of our unique, new, fun smart phone app wherever you go.

We have developed the first of its kind. Load and use the lessersound smartphone app available at the Google and Apple stores today.

High sound levels are linked to many physical health issues. These levels also contribute to stress, and can permanently affect hearing over time.
The Lessersound app is designed to do three things:

AWARENESS – Create awareness to sound levels in your environment.
EDUCATION – Educate you on the risks of the sound levels you are experiencing.
ASSISTANCE – Assist you in finding locations with sound levels that meet your needs.

 the color of sound
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Listen Up!

Background noise in our environment is something we tend to ignore. Environments with loud background noise have a significant impact on the hearing impaired, and those with auditory sensitivity, but also affect our entire population. It is time to pay attention to the sound levels in our surroundings, and recognize how it affects our health.




Look it up!

Every sound reading a user takes is stored in a database. This database is accessible to all users, so users can learn about the sound level of an environment before they are in it, or search for an environment with a sound level most comfortable to them.




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