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A Growing National Epidemic

Friends,  as you know, I am the founder of lessersound™ and a hearing impaired person.  I’m H.I.P. I was born into and live in a world of lesser sound. I want more safe sound solutions and products for sound enhancement and sound protection, for more people worldwide. Others in our world have entered the world of lesser sound over time through aging or otherwise. As an advocate for real change and practical innovation as a hearing impaired person (hereafter a H-I-P) for me and so many others, I am doing this with people from all aspects of life  who believe in our objectives and  is evidenced by an undeniable growing national hearing loss epidemic as found in this recent article published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:  Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults—A Growing National Epidemic .

This study shows the hearing problem is a growing national epidemic, articulates and provides back up for what I have been trying to say as a H.I.P. It may also be important to each of you, our sound app developers, product developers, designers,  partners, supporters, and the public at large to underscore the need and sound the alert alarm for what we are doing at lessersound. Our growing movement of and for hearing awareness and education, hearing health, welfare and advocacy is justified and how that the preventive measures  lessersound is taking for the benefit of H-A-R-P and H-I-P  are long overdue, justified and badly needed.

There are other articles of the same genre but this came to my attention a few weeks ago when I saw a blurb in Time Magazine on Data on the world’s most common health complaints. I triggered a Google search to narrow it to, and no surprise,  hearing loss. One more thing, the 36,000,000 allegedly affected (in the article) is a low number as others such as Hearing Loss Association of America have identified people with hearing loss at some 48,000,000 in the USA alone.

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